Boot Fairs are held in The Hop Farm grounds most weekends from March to October (excluding some event weekends). 

The boot fair dates for 2017 are

April – 1/2/8/9/14/15/16/17/22/23/29/30

May - 1/13/14/20/21/28/29 

June - 3/4/17/18/24/25                    

July - 1/2/8/9/15/16/22/23

August - 5/6/12/13/19/20/26/27/28

September - 9/10/23/24/30/

October - 1

For enquiries please contact the organiser: Mrs Pennell on 07807358042

During some event weekends at The Hop Farm, the boot fairs take place at Badsell Rd, 5 Oak Green, TN12 6QU. For those dates not at The Hop Farm, please call Mrs Pennell.

Outdoor Boot Fair Prices

£10.00 a pitch for a van or a car

Stalls at 12pm

For public entry it is £1 per adult before 2pm and £0.50 per adult after 2pm