2024 Car Boots Dates

Coming Soon!

More dates to follow

No Booking Necessary

Early entrance available £15 per pitch, van or car: 9.30am -11.30am

OR for short selling setting time, from Midday, £10 per pitch van or car

Times may vary according to weather conditions

BUYERS from 9.30am - £1

Please note that by attending car boot fairs, you accept that the Hop Farm and the organisers of the bootfairs are not liable for any damage or loss of personal possessions including vehicles brought onto the land and by attending it is at your own risk/liability.

Due to Covid 19 rules, please have correct money ready

Toilets and refreshments. No unauthorised sellers of food and drink

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For enquiries please contact the organiser on 07807358042

During some event weekends at The Hop Farm, the boot fairs take place at Badsell Rd, 5 Oak Green, TN12 6QU. For those dates not at The Hop Farm, please call the number above for details