The Hop Farm is one of the most famous and recognisable features of the Garden of England, boasting the worlds largest collection of iconic Victorian Oast houses. Its long and illustrious history spans nearly 5 centuries from its humble origins as a working hop farm to the exciting activities and events complex it has become. 

Its surprising to learn that, despite this impressive heritage, the farm has only changed hands 4 times in 450 years. Originally owned by the Whitbread brewery company, it operated as a fully working farm before opening its doors to the public and proving a popular attraction.

The Hop Farm opens its gates to over 500,000 visitors every year offering a wealth of events and attractions for all ages to enjoy. Stretched over beautiful countryside the size of 100 football pitches, the farm began life as a part of the biggest industry in Victorian Kent, a real working hop farm.

The phrase hopping down in Kent is a familiar one and refers to the Victorian families of London, travelling to the county in September to harvest the hops. For many Victorian Londoners, this was a holiday in the country and for 6 weeks would harvest and dry the hops in the Oast houses. 

The recent additions to the Hop farm have not eclipsed its roots and the museum on the site depicts perfectly what life was like as a hop picker and ensures that future generations can enjoy learning about the art of hop picking.

The Hop Farm Family Park attraction hosts the museum Yesterdays World with over 1000 artefacts dating back to the 1900s. Visit The Hop Farm and immerse yourself in a fabulous trip down memory lane. The Museum is only open on park open days